CMB's Uniqueness

CMB prides itself on being as unique as our clients.

We may be your best bet for a communications partner.

Sixteen Reasons Why CMB is the Best Communications Partner

  • We have worked with more than 200 companies to grow equity value.
  • Experienced executives with investor relations officer, CFO, board-member, corporate secretary, and strategic planning officer experience. We only hire senior people. Our hands-on principals all have 20 to 40 years of experience. Our experienced senior staff is in the forefront for each and every client.
  • CMB investor perception study includes review of best practices in investor relations and governance, not common practices that are dated.

Special Report #6

Click Here For on Best Practices Report #6, Step-By-Step Guide To Leading Investor Relations Practices, Interviews With CEOs, CFOs, and Investor Relations Officers?

  • Candid investor feedback on your strategies, credibility, enterprise risk management, and governance
  • Effective outreach methods to attract long-term institutions & media while traveling less
  • Conducted best practices in investor relations review / IR Training with over 300 company professionals
  • Located in the NYC financial market center and near the high profile concentration of investors in the northeast United States, continuous contact and ongoing relationships
  • Measurable results - immediately!? Guaranteed results.? CMB Fast Start? gives clients results in 30 days.
  • Strong relationships with influential Wall Street and media contacts.? CMB gives the client direct access to our established relationships.
  • Successful record of increasing the recognition of investor relations officers to enable them to perform at peak efficiency with comfort in their decisions, and be in line for promotion to higher executive levels within their company
  • Provide education newsletters and share best practices, including our free best practices reports.
  • CMB executive is a long-term board member and Chair of the Event Outreach Committee of the National Investor Relations Institute Connecticut Chapter.? It is a sister chapter to the New York City NIRI Chapter.? Numerous strong relationships with influential investors, analysts, and investor relations vendor contacts in the New York City area.? CMB gives clients direct access to our established client relationships.
  • Objective thought leadership.? Sometimes you can be too close to an issue to see it clearly – or you may not have enough time to stay up-to-date on a financial trend, strategy or regulation.? CMB can help.
  • Tailored recommendations based on investor feedback and your goals and objectives.? Effective financial communications can't be "one size fits all”?
  • Long client relationships, impressive client list, and excellent references
  • Strategy before tactics


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"As a rapidly growing large company we needed access to the US capital markets faster and more thoroughly than we could do on our own. We wanted long-term institutional investors who understood our story and found it appealing. The Christensens did all of that and more. Howard and Jeff are unique.

They consider each client and associate as a friend and wanted us to look good. We could not have functioned nearly as competently without their advice and consultation.

They kept us up to speed on the latest developments in investor relations, and our industry best practices. Their industry expertise is outstanding, and they uniquely use perception research and feedbacks to enhance their base of knowledge. They worked with our executives on their presentations and briefed us thoroughly before each investor meeting and conference call. We knew exactly what to expect; no surprises.

Doing business with experienced professionals in a family-owned business is like a breath of fresh air."

Gary Lloyd
Director of Investor Relations
TransCanada PipeLines (NYSE)
Calgary, Canada




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