Leading IR Practices: Step-by-Step-Guide


Step-By-Step Guide to Leading Investor Relations Practices

Interviews With Executives.  This is Special Report #6.

Featured topics in this report:

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A. How Companies Are Adopting to the Dodd-Frank Act and the Changing Corporate Governance Landscape
B. How Investor Relations Has Been Most Helpful To Management
C. Strategic Investor Relations Adds Value to Management and Investors
D. Investor Perception Research Before and After Meetings and Conference Calls With Investors
E. How Companies Restore or Enhance Management Credibility
F. How Investor Relations Has Been Most Helpful to Board of Directors
G. How CEOs and Investor Relations Officers Gauge Success of Investor Relations and Investor Relations Incentive Compensation
H. Key Components of Effective Investor Relations Programs
I. Executives Interviewed

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