Capital Markets Board's senior partners have been featured guest lecturers at numerous chapter, regional and national meetings and conferences.

Sample Topics:
  • Important Distinctions Between Award-Winning Investor Relations and Traditional Investor Relations.  Includes handouts of best practices in investor relations, transcripts of executive interviews, and Investor Relations ScoreCard?.  View "Featured Publications" at the bottom of this web page to view distinctions between award-winning IR and traditional IR.
  • How Investor Relations Has Been Most Helpful To Board of Directors.  Case studies on how investor relations is helpful to Board of Directors.  View "Featured Publications" at the bottom of this web page to view how investor relations is helpful to Board of Directors.
  • Dealing With Investors In A Crisis
  • What Corporate Executives Rank As The Top Desirable Credentials Of An Investor Relations Officer.  Content developed from interviews with CEOs, CFOs, investor relations officers, and investors.
Participant Feedback

One-hundred percent (100%) of participants at CMB sessions wrote that they would recommend the session to others.

Participants' comments on helpful ideas in CMB presentations:

“CMB’s perception research of investors and award-winning corporate executives and investor relations officers provides clarity on how award-winning companies manage and implement IR that is distinct from traditional IR.”

“CMB's presentation clearly described the improvements taken by award-winning investor relations teams that many companies can apply in their own way and benefit.”

"The distinctions among award-winning investor relations officers."

"The gap between managements' and investors' perceptions and how to change it."

"Putting things in context is especially helpful to investors.  This can be historical, industry, or market context."

Featured Publications

Distinctions between award-winning investor relations and traditional investor relations?.  Go to Special Report #10.





Step-By-Step Guide to Leading Investor Relations Practices?.  Go to Special Report #6.





How Investor Relations Has Been Most Helpful to Board of Directors?


Fee & Travel Costs

CMB speaking engagements are complimentary and request no travel expense reimbursement.