Expected Results

We provide measurable results -- immediately.

The following will help you better understand the results our clients achieved through CMB services.

Recent Results:


Strategic Study

CMB's strategic study of value-drivers is a powerful tool to convince reluctant management or board members of the need for change and hard decisions - some companies exceeded 175% stock price appreciation in the first six months..

Investor Feedback

Detailed investor perceptions provided to the client.

This client wanted to obtain investors’ perceptions on the company's credibility and strategy.? CMB provided investor perceptions based on our unique investor opinion methodology that enabled the client to benchmark perceptions of the company relative to its peers.? The peer group for benchmarking was determined by the client.

Investor Sales Kits, Investor Presentations and Website

CMB client won the Interactive Investor Relations Award for the best investor relations website in its industry.?
The content was based on suggestions from CMB and was part of our 10-Ways To Attract Long-Term Institutional Investors & Media With Less Travel Involved?.? Our goal was to drive investors and media to return to our client's website.

The award judges were institutional investors, individual investors, financial advisors, and financial press.?

Investor Prospects: Targeted and Qualified

We deliver new investors:
- 460% more investors targeted by CMB purchase shares of our clients relative to investors targeted by brokerage firms

CMB introduced the client to an entirely new group of investors, resulting in 36 new institutional holders that have purchased 21,596,000 shares.

Within three months of the European investor meetings arranged by CMB, 21 money managers purchased the client's shares.

One-Day Consulting Builds a Smart Plan

CMB advanced the investor relations program to the next level for a client by providing counsel on how other top companies were coping with similar challenges and developing immediate action steps.

Media Relations

CMB implemented an outreach program directed to the financial media resulting in increased international visibility in business and trade media.

We recommended more appropriate press release distribution resulting in a 57 percent reduction in news wire service fees.

Stock Surveillance

CMB identified 23 non-13f institutions that own shares in the client.? CMB has ongoing relationships with non-13f filers enabling us to make client introductions to a new group of investors.

Stock Exchange Listing

"CMB provides the most thorough due diligence of specialist firms ever performed for NYSE listing companies." New York Stock Exchange


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"Obtaining accurate and candid market intelligence is fundamental in fully understanding investor perceptions of your company. During my 26 years as an investor relations professional, I have worked with Howard Christensen on several occasions. His research has proven to be foundational in the development of effective targeted investor messages, and has contributed to the development and refinement of our corporate strategies. The management, as well as, the board of directors of companies I have worked for have benefited from his insights and wealth of investor relations counselor experience. I highly recommend his services to any company without reservation."

Jay S. Gould
Senior Vice President,
Director of Investor Relations
Huntington Bancshares (NASDAQ)

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