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Are You Up to Par with Award-Winning Investor Relations Programs?

There are distinct differences between award-winning investor relations and traditional investor relations.
Are you up to par with award-winning investor relations programs?

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The "Key Performance Indicators" in the ScoreCard were developed from our work with hundreds of companies and interviews on best practices in investor relations with hundreds of investors and executives within companies with award-winning investor relations programs.? These are things you need to be, do, and have for powerful investor relations.
The CMB Best Practices Report #10 has more information about the Best Practice Indicators and best practices in investor relations among award-winning companies.
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Mergers and acquisitions?were a key part of our growth plans.? We needed capital funding to support this program and Wall Street savvy consultants to?help us develop and implement an effective investor relations program and introduce us to sell-side analysts and?prospective investors.? The Christensens provided for all of these needs, and brought to us professionalism and years of experience in working with senior executives and board directors.? Howard and Jeff have an in-depth understanding about the investment community and the key players in our industries.?

They helped us to craft?the proper message that attracted attention and master the art of making dynamic presentations?to display our capabilities and strategic vision.? As a result, we?significantly increased the market value and expanded our shareholder base.? The Christensens are thorough in their performance from start to finish, and?quick to follow-up with suggestions?for further improvements.”

Warren Robinson, Former
Chief Financial Officer
Diversified Natural Resources Co. with
$5B market capitalization



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