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Distinctions Between Award-Winning Investor Relations and Traditional Investor Relations New!

Interviews with award-winning executives and investors.  This is Special Report #10.


Interview With Executive at First Solar, Inc.

Best Investor Relations Program and Best Investor Relations Officer in Alternative Energy Industry

Key Takeaways In This Interview:

  • Align investor relations and investor targets with corporate mission
  • Strategies to identify the right investors
  • Uses of investor feedback
  • Investor relations team makes majority of presentations to investors
  • Identify value-driving metrics that really drive your company's long-term stock price performance / valuation
  • Extensive outreach and ongoing investor contacts

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Presentation by Capital Markets Board

Presentation slides and audio replay.

Corporate executives share comments on how they are coping with changes going on in corporate America and share insights on how to be prepared for new roles and shareholder expectations. 

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