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Best Practices in Investor Relations Among Award-Winning Companies, Interviews With Hundreds of Investors and Corporate Executives™

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Most professionals are so busy with the day-to-day requirements of the job that they're unable to carve out time for true career development and personal brand building. Fast, punchy and prescient, these interviews are worth bookmarking today for greater job security, value and recognition tomorrow.

In their own words, prominent executives share their insights and thoughts on cutting edge issues and timeless topics. Combined, these interviews create perhaps the most stimulating publication on the latest thinking in investor relations, governance, and enterprise risk management. It is the executives' lessons learned and caveats based on their learning curve.

Featured topics in this report:
How Investor Relations Has Been Most Helpful to Management (Click Here for Page 11)
What a Company Should Do When The CEO Or Other Senior Management Is Abrasive or Impatient With Investors? (Click Here for Page 20)
How Investor Relations Has Been Most Helpful to Board of Directors? (Click Here for Page 21)

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A. How Companies Are Adopting to the Dodd-Frank Act and the Changing Corporate Governance Landscape
B. How Investor Relations Has Been Most Helpful To Management
C. Strategic Investor Relations Adds Value to Management and Investors
D. Investor Perception Research Before and After Meetings and Conference Calls With Investors
E. How Companies Restore or Enhance Management Credibility
F. How Investor Relations Has Been Most Helpful to Board of Directors
G. How CEOs and Investor Relations Officers Gauge Success of Investor Relations and Investor Relations Incentive Compensation
H. Key Components of Effective Investor Relations Programs
I. Executives Interviewed

Best Practices in Investor Relations Conference Call (2010)

Corporate executives share comments on how they are coping with changes going on in corporate America and share insights on how to be prepared for new roles and shareholder expectations. Audio reply is approximately 60 minutes.
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Approximately 60 minutes.

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"It's clear that Capital Markets Board provides the Best Practices in Investor Relations based on their hundreds of interviews with investors and corporate executives."
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“NiSource was a mid-sized energy company with aggressive plans for its future.  The Company’s stock was perceived to be undervalued and capital was needed to fund growth. With limited internal resources, we went outside to find a capital markets consulting firm with strong leadership, financial savvy and experienced principals in the utility arena to partner with us in the development of a strategic investor relations program.  Howard and Jeff Christensen’s firm was selected because they were among the innovative leaders in the energy industry. 

We began with an in-depth perception study, which identified strengths, issues and opportunities.  The results of the study then allowed us to define action plans to attract long-term and supportive institutional and retail investors. 

Following the initiatives suggested, NiSource has now progressed from being little-known in the marketplace to being recognized as the 3rd largest gas distribution company in the US. with a market cap of over $6.5 billion.”

Dennis E. Senchak, Former Vice President Investor Relations, Asst. Treasurer, and Asst. Secretary
NiSource (NYSE) Indiana  

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