Best Practices for Chief Financial Officers

Here is a convenient list of free CMB reports and conference calls on best practices for Chief Financial Officers.

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Guide to Expand CFO Communications to the Board

This special report addresses what board members want most from the CFO and how to get board members more involved and help the board to be more effective.

CFOs: What Makes You Corporate Board Material?

Practical strategies to help you be "board ready" for a corporate directorship position.  Your CFO skills may position you well for corporate board positions - either now, while you are still working, or after retirement.
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CFOs on Corporate Boards: Financial Skills Are Not Enough

The demand for qualified and experienced board members is growing.  Before applying for board membership, however, it's a good idea to understand the requirements.

Article in Financial Executives International's Financial Executive magazine by Jeff Christensen, Managing Partner of Capital Markets Board.


Engaging Institutional Shareholders

Should companies be engaging board directors with institutional investors, as recommended by the NACD's Blue Ribbon Commission? If so, how?

Hear this thought-provoking panel discussion, that was first broadcast on February 4 2009, moderated by Howard Christensen, Chairman of The Capital Markets Board; featuring John Wilcox, Chairman of Sodali Ltd. a noted Corporate Governance Authority and a member of the NACD Commission; David W. Smith, President of the Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals; David Birk, SVP, Chief Legal Officer, GC and Secretary of Avnet; Jack Henry, Founder & CEO, Sierra Blanca Ventures, President of the Arizona Chapter of the NACD and an independent board director; and Carl T. Hagberg, Publisher of the Shareholder Service Optimizer, a highly regarded newsletter, and a former senior banking officer, and mutual fund and trust company director. 

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